New Semester, New Course Homepage

Hello, summer semester! I finished prepping course materials and needed to update something on the server, but then I realized that my homepage wasn’t entirely up to date… and could use a refresh. A lazy, humid Sunday was just the motivation to stay in and work on something fun.

See the pen on CodePen.

This does have a few cute touches. For instance, the dividers (meant to look like CSS comments) are responsive and all faked with CSS; those are not hyphens! I used a repeating-linear-gradient with :before and :after content, plus a little spacing. Though the container on the page is pretty narrow, you can adjust it larger or smaller and the “dashes” will keep on repeating.

I’d been wanting to incorporate a video background somewhere for a while, and this gave me the perfect opportunity. I grabbed a freebie from

Looking forward to Web Fundamentals over the summer, Web Development I and Portfolio Design in the fall, and then two brand-new courses for next spring!

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