Introducing Stellar Type

I’m that person that always notices signs, identifying typefaces and pointing out wonky lettering. Many of my friends have even picked up on these skills because I just plain can’t stop talking about type in the wild. My mom even has favorite non-system fonts!

I also love to travel and see the sights. Cities provide plenty of inspiration; when I lived in New York, I would always marvel at the theatre district signs with their beautifult lettering composed of lights, or the tilework in the subway stations, or even funky bodega signs. The smaller areas are equally as impressive, though: on a roadtrip from southern California to Seattle, I passed through dozens of little towns and ended up taking just as many pictures of type as I did scenery. The hand-painted signs with their paint peeling, old neons on buildings that may or may not be occupied, menus from all the seafood places I visited… it seemed like a waste to keep these photos to myself.

So, I put travel and type together with Stellar Type, a highlight of the gorgeous, weird, or interesting typography that I find throughout my travels and day-to-day adventures. You can view some of my finds on site or follow me on Instagram as @stellar.type.

To start us off, here’s a cute neon sign from Oregon:

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© Stephy Miehle as Blinding Stars