Introducing "Riptide"

Riptide is a colorful and dark theme for Textual IRC. It’s compatible with Textual 6 and is being tested during the beta to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Screenshot of Riptide theme

Download on GitHub

Riptide is based on emilyst/Eighties-Aligned, “a Textual 5 style which derives elements of its appearance from the ‘Tomorrow Night Eighties’ the ‘Nox’ themes included with the Textual IRC client.” The color scheme is borrowed (with love) from voronianski/oceanic-next-color-scheme and also includes a few favorites from base16.

Nick, timestamp, and font preferences are all respected; this theme will not override them.

To make customization easy, this theme uses Sass. The compiled CSS file is included for those who want to use the theme as-is, but if you want to remix this in any way, I encourage you to edit design.scss and the Data/Resources/scss directory, then watch for changes with the compiler of your choice (I used compass and the config.rb is included).


Adding Icons

Icons are added from Fontello; only a limited set is included. Visit Fontello and load the provided config file to import the included set. If you want to add or remove icons, generate a new set, replace the font files in Data/Resources/riptide-icons, and copy the contents of (your Fontello download)/css/riptide-icons-codes.css to Data/Resources/scss/riptide-icons.scss.

Referencing Icons in SCSS

A mixin is included in riptide-icons.scss. Using a selector with :before or :after, add the following:

@include icon(icon-name);

Of course, replace “icon-name” with the icon you want to use. The icon name must be in riptide-icons.scss to work.

Installing Riptide

  1. Download the Riptide theme

  2. Open textual://custom-styles-folder and unarchive the theme; feel free to rename the directory if you like.

  3. Open Textual and navigate to Preferences ➜ Style. Select “Riptide” from the dropdown.

  4. Enjoy!

© Stephy Miehle as Blinding Stars